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August 8, 2023 | Laura Murphy

Storm Swept

Storm Antoni swept the south coast but that didn't stop our intrepid Pier2Peer-ers as they walked 15 miles to raise funds for us.

Well we won’t forget Saturday 5 August!  Our annual charity walk, run, cycle between Eastbourne and Hastings Piers was supposed to be undertaken in the glorious sunshine of a British summer.  Sadly the Jet Stream had other ideas and whilst it was sunny on Friday and Sunday, on Saturday it decided that the heavens should open on us.

With over 40 people registered to take part despite Storm Antoni battering the coast we all decided that we’d go anyway.  If we felt unsafe at any point we would stop and let the WayfinderWoman team know so they wouldn’t be waiting, dripping and cold at Hastings piers for the no-shows.

Our lead sponsor, Mark Bishop Ltd had drummed up lots of support and they came to run, walk and cycle.  John Farrington & Co kindly sponsored us and we had money donated from people who wanted to remain anonymous – you know who you are so thank you.  Tesco had given us lots of water (after all it is supposed to be summer!) and snacks, whilst Waitrose and Morrisons also gave us some vouchers.  The walking team from Hotchkiss persuaded their bosses to also give us some chocolate goodies for everyone.

We were set off by Eastbourne Mayor Cllr Candy Vaughan and headed off.  The storm thankfully was behind our backs so we were driven forward by the 20mph and then as we got closer to Bexhill, 47mph winds, rain drilling into our bodies, cold radiating through our bones.  But onward we travelled, knowing we were doing this to raise money for a worthy cause.  And it was good to share the awful conditions with others, a team supporting each other, talking to each other, celebrating with each other.

The marshals supplied us with the drinks and snacks to keep us going and at Hastings we piled into a lovely individual coffee shack to order a hot drink before catching the bus back.  The trains were cancelled for the day so the poor cyclists had to battle their way against the wind to get back to Eastbourne.  Our hats go off to them!  We don’t know how much we’ve raised yet.  The money is still coming in and, if you’re feeling sorry for us, battling as we did with the storm, but not defeated, then please donate via Just Giving using this link.

And if you want to join us next year then put Saturday 27 July into your diaries.

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