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July 28, 2023 | Ilona Williams

The magic of beliefs

Beliefs shape your world, and makes it easy or difficult. Ilona gives us her ideas about what we can do change our lives.

World. What is it to you? What thoughts come to you when you think about it? For me, the World is beautiful and I am grateful that I can enjoy its beauty. My world is safe, no violence or people is complaining. In my world, people are smiling and relate to me with respect. But it wasn’t always like this until a year ago my world was full of fear, violence and people in it only complained. And instead of developing, I fell deeper and deeper into depression. Today I know why that was, it was a breakthrough realization for me, because it completely changed my life.

It was my beliefs about the world, people, my health, etc. that affected my behavior, how I perceive other people, my reality, and what I see and hear. You could say that my beliefs were my navigation system that piloted me and I wasn’t even aware of it. It seemed to me that I was the one in control. But it was freeing when I realized that it was beyond my control and I felt hopeful because maybe there is a way to change my beliefs so that they have a supportive impact on my life. I began to understand other people and see them differently. I knew that they see the world through their filters. This began to fascinate me and became my passion. I love observing people and their reactions and gaining knowledge to understand them and myself even better.

Did you know that when you experience a situation involving 5 people, each of these people, recounting the same event will have a completely different perception of what happened? Five different stories will be made out of one story. This is fascinating how our mind works. It works like a filter and takes for itself only what it knows, interpreting reality by our beliefs.

So if I had to define what beliefs are, they are thoughts that think themselves and we have no control over them, they are hidden in our subconscious, and that’s why we don’t realize they have such power. We absorbed them as children and so they have stayed with us. They influence what we feel, how we react, and how we live. They kind of guide us, what we do or don’t do. How we perceive what we see and how we perceive other people.

I want to hug you tightly and tell you that now that you know what guides you and what influences your life, you have incredible power. So take full responsibility for your life, as I did, and start creating new beliefs. This is the best thing you can do for yourself to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Anyone can do it rich, poor, suffering, sick, etc. All you need to do is to believe that it is possible. And get rid of all excuses such as I have children, I do not have time, it is impossible, I am too sick, I am too poor, etc. Believe me, to do this you need only desire and regularity.

How you see yourself today does not mean that this is the case! If you think that money does not give happiness, then you will always live in lack of money or you will have money, but you will be unhappy. But if you change it to – I can have money and live in happiness, then you won’t lack money, but you will also fully enjoy it and be happy. I know it sounds unbelievable, but if I hadn’t experienced these changes myself then I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today.

If I was able to change my beliefs and am still changing them, watching my life change at the same time, you can do it too! I exchanged beliefs that didn’t support me and caused me not to develop new beliefs, thanks to which I am developing, doing things that were once impossible for me. I am confident and have discovered my talents. And I have big plans for my future, desires, and dreams that will one day become my reality. And today I am enjoying my beautiful life. Every day I create new beliefs. But you need to know that this can’t be done if you lack energy when you spend most of your day worrying. To change beliefs you need to create joy, excitement, and fun.

If you don’t know how to do that, I invite you to join us. Our organization is dedicated to the development of women, we conduct 1:1 coaching sessions for free. There are also coaching specialists who do it for a fee. The possibilities are many. You can do it yourself or with the help of another person. The only thing that can limit you is yourself! You can also lookup more about beliefs in books and videos on Youtube or Facebook. The possibilities are many. Just make a decision and take that first step, trust and everything around you will start to favor you.

Success, happiness, or whatever you desire is at your fingertips! Reach for it! Dare and your life will never be the same again.

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