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June 19, 2023 | Laura Murphy

2023 Annual Survey

What do you want to achieve or require help for in 2023? Will the cost of living crisis be the leading issue?

Our 2022 annual survey told us that the top two needs for women was support around being more assertive and to cope with the menopause.  And although the menopause has hit the headlines in the last twelve  months, we’ve always been ahead of the curve with that, having run workshops on this for the past 5 years.  Will this and assertiveness still hit the top two in 2023 or will the cost of living crisis overtake everything?

This is what we want you to tell us!

We use the information from our confidential survey to plan our workshops and coaching so we can best support you and your real life issues, and importantly, to use as evidence when we’re applying for grants.  So please, spend just 5 minutes completing this short ‘What Women Need’ survey [link here] and tell us what you need to help you succeed in 2023.

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