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We have lots of fun with our fundraising activities.  There is a core group where we come up with ideas and projects to raise money to keep the hub open but there are other individual projects which need their own fundraising efforts.

“What fun do I have with fundraising? Doing things I wouldn’t normally do, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, finding props for when events happen and most of all, when we’ve done what we’ve got to do sitting round, talking about the project, how it started as a seed and grew into a great event, with a glass of wine with the friends who have worked together.  Fundraising, volunteering, I definitely recommend it”.  Nicola

“I’m part of a wonderful small fundraising ‘committee’ – really a chance for us to get together over coffee and explore creative ideas.  There’s lots of laughter and enthusiasm and then we figure out how we’re going to put all our plans into action!  On the day we gather together with others to run them.  It can be frantic but it’s enormous fun and we get a great feeling of camaraderie as a result”.  Laura

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Our priority project

Workshop recovery programme

The pandemic has had a major impact on everyone. None more so than the women we support. They have been disproportionately affected by job cuts and bearing increased responsibilities in the home. We were badly affected too with nearly two year's worth of fundraising lost and funders pairing their giving. Yet our work continues with increased demands. Women come to us crippled with anxiety and looking for help with finding food, finding jobs, finding a way forward.

We can offer that support but need to raise £5,031 to provide eight professionally facilitated workshops over the next 12 months in accessible venues. That could help more than 100 women get jobs, be able to stand up to those who take advantage of them, to transform their lives. Will you help? Make a donation now and in the comments box tell us it is for the workshop recovery programme.

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