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WayfinderWoman Trust Grand Draw 2024


Tickets can be purchased by phone, email or at the Hub

1st Prize

The Cottage at Tingewick Mill

A great country getaway. Explore life on this smallholding and former watermill. Peaceful riverside location with countryside footpaths, farm animals and ample wildlife on your doorstep. Give the family pet pigs a rub on the tummy, birdwatch, spot a hare and glimpse a fox. Plenty of country pubs with one at the end of an adventurous walk along the footpath. Relax in the cosy cottage with an open fire, a good book and a bottle of wine or visit Silverstone Race Track, Bicester Village or Oxford.

Airbnb The Cottage at Tingewick Mill for Silverstone  is worth up to £500 depending on date of stay. Winner will be given contact details of the host to arrange their stay. Dependent on availability.

Tingewick Mill

2nd Prize

Double Sauna and Float

Soul Spa Float Centre, Bexhill

 Voucher provided must be used by end of the year. This prize is worth £160.

Soul Spa Gloat Centre, have a top notch Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. It’s beautifully made from Eco-certified Canadian Cedar Wood. There are comfortable back rests to relax into whilst radiant heat from the infrared sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues. Unlike a traditional sauna which uses steam to heat the air in the sauna, an infrared sauna uses infrared light waves to penetrate the body and heat it in the same way light from the sun does but without the harmful UV rays. As it gently heats the body, it makes you sweat and has all the same benefits of a traditional sauna but feel much more comfortable because the air around you isn’t hot.

Floatation Therapy is literally floating in a spacious tank of warm water. There is over half a ton of Epsom Salt in each pod, which means the buoyancy is so high you float with absolutely no effort at all. You are able to let go of all tension in your body as you are held completely by the water. You can even sleep, no sinking! The water and air in the pod are set at body temperature, which means you can barely feel it. In the truest sense of Floatation Therapy, the light would be off and lid down. This creates a space where external stimulation is reduced to the lowest possible level, often referred to a Sensory Deprivation or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T).
Soul Spa Float Centre





3rd Prize

Wellness Session for two with Becci Godfrey

HorseSense UK, Mark Cross

Based on her farm and stables in Mark Cross you will need a car to access. This prize is worth £130

About Becci
A certified Calmologist, Reiki Teacher and Equine Facilitated Practitioner with a lifetime’s experience of helping novice people handle horses.  She used horses to help people manage stress, develop leadership skills, confidence building, assertiveness, with NHS, corporates, charities and individuals.

Horsesense UK ponies in stable

The session
Horses evoke our senses and yet ground us in the here and now. These sessions are perfect for those that would benefit from some calming sensory time with horses. The session includes an introduction to our herd and their environment before getting the chance to meet them up close. Our horses love a chat and a scratch, whilst you benefit from being outdoors in a rural environment with all the sights and sounds of a farm. We welcome those with mild to moderate mental health challenges, physical disabilities and learning difficulties. Suitable for a child when accompanied by an adult.  Please let us know when booking so we can ensure the session is safe and supportive.

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