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April 29, 2021 | Laura Murphy

It’s our 10th anniversary!

Who knew 10 years ago when I first started the Wayfinder programme that it would end up as a charity that has supported close to 900 women.

It’s been 10 years since I first started WayfinderWoman.  Back in the day it was the Wayfinder Club, named funnily enough by my husband who, after I told him what I wanted to do said, “Well you’re finding the way for women aren’t you?  Why not call it Wayfinder?”

And so it was born.

Then it was just me, offering a very low-cost modular programme for women picking up on their expressed anxieties and needs.  Yet, even though their eyes sparkled when I described the programme none took part.  It took me a while to realise that the women who needed it didn’t have the confidence or the self-belief to invest in themselves.  Time they could possibly make but money… now that was a different matter.  To spend money on themselves when they put others ahead of them was a step too far.

Shortly after then I started to do things pro-bono.  I set up the Wayfinder Clubs as a monthly get together for women to talk about anything they wanted.  To get the support of their sisterhood and to find solutions together.

Well it snowballed from there.  Soon we set up as an ‘unincorporated association’ a mechanism where we could bid for grants so we could run other things free of charge.  We had our first National Lottery grant in three months and we’ve had grants every year since.

And so to the last couple of years.  We’re now a registered charity and since we started as that loose unincorporated association we’ve helped close to 900 women.  Pretty good going I’d say for any organisation – not the least of which is that we’re all volunteers.

And now we look to the future.  We want to carry on supporting women and helping them get in touch with us in whatever way is easy for them.  This could be our drop in centre, our online chat, or by phone, by email or zoom.

Sure covid struck us all hard and we know that for many that hardship remains.  We’re here for you though.  Whatever the need, we will help you or signpost you to someone who can.  So get in touch, or spread the word and encourage others to get in touch.  Your sisterhood is ready and waiting.

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