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March 17, 2021 | Kshama Shore

Introducing our Trustees

We get asked who are our Trustees? What is their background? Why did they become Trustees. Their backgrounds are various, their reasons for joining us equally so. Let us introduce you to one of our most recent Trustees, Kshama Shore, OBE.

Hello, I am Kshama. I moved from Warwickshire to Eastbourne in July 2019 with my husband.

I was a career Civil Servant for 40 years, starting at the bottom at 19 and rising through the ranks in several Government Departments to Senior Level. I didn’t do it all on my own: there were times when I struggled, and times when somebody gave me good advice, helped me think through options, or simply believed in me. This resulted in a heightened sense of wanting to excel.

In my last job before retirement I was Operational Manager of a network of 35 offices from Aberdeen to Brighton with over 1000 staff. In this role, I came across almost every type of individual, some needing help, some needing mentoring to achieve their full potential, with others just needing encouragement to do their jobs well.

Throughout my career, I have championed the cause of women, not because they need help to succeed, but because they are often overlooked or just happy to be out of the limelight doing all the work but not getting the recognition.  I joined WayfinderWoman to be part of this community, as I think I have relevant experience to inspire other women and to be part of a wonderful group of volunteers who help the charity in a range of roles.


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