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March 17, 2021 | Laura Murphy

Morrison’s Inspirational Women Award

Our long standing volunteer Tania Long, and in-house artist was nominated for Morrison's inspirational Women award.  Read more to discover why.

Here’s the nomination for Tania

Tania, who lives in Eastbourne, has been volunteering with the charity WayfinderWoman Trust from its very early inception – nearly 7 years.  She’s overcome incredible shyness and a lack of belief in her amazing talents and skills to become an incredibly important person in the charity.  She helps out in the drop-in centre, she’s the in-house artist designing all the posters and leaflets, she was a major lead for one of their projects – an exhibition celebrating Women of Eastbourne a couple of years ago, she ran a Plastic Oceans arts exhibition in Eastbourne supported by Gonzalo Alvarez, the Chair of UN Climate & Oceans no less!  In addition to that she’s taken on a hugely significant role of supporting other volunteers and acting as their buddy.  She puts her name forward for any training – she’s now a Mental Health First Aider – and promotes the charity endlessly through Facebook.  No longer someone who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, she’s an integral part of the charity and an inspiration to everyone who meets her.

Congratulations Tania for winning the award and enjoy your luxury gift from Morrisons in Eastbourne.

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