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August 18, 2020 | Guest Blogger

How lock-down is affecting the elderly – just a few notes from my armchair

Our guest blogger is Marnie Middleton who has some insights to share on the term ‘elderly’ – and being elderly is not the end of life.

Elderly is a generic word which lumps all older citizens into one group.  The term itself implies loss of individuality and eliminates any vestige of your younger self.  It also suggests ‘negative’.

The lock-down affects all ages.  How your particular problems are dealt with will depend on your ability to face current circumstances, attitude of mind and determination to see it through in the best way you can. This really sums up what being ‘elderly’ means.  It’s not all bad news, because for some of us we have been using these tactics for years!

The majority of us are tech-savvy, or at least we know enough to be able to shop online, so we won’t starve.  Some have even learned to Zoom.  It doesn’t improve anyone’s appearance, but as we are not going anywhere, does it matter?  We are older, we can’t expect to look great – and have you seen the hair!

Given good health the lock-down should be proving much less tedious for older citizens than those of working age and families bringing up children.

Yes, we are pleased and grateful to have the help of younger people and I have received much kindness and consideration. The occasional shopping trip, phone calls to check how we are managing, answering the odd technical question (have I already mentioned Zoom?). We love your energy and enthusiasm and are concerned about your future.

But we really struggle when bundled into a group known as ‘elderly’.  We don’t want to be singled out just because we have been around for a long time.  We are still individuals; we have loved and lost, worried and cried, laughed, been knocked down and picked ourselves up again – we just got there a little ahead of you.  We love your help and thank you for it, but when you look into our eyes, try not to see ‘elderly’ – we would much rather have stayed young!


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