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May 3, 2022 | Mediha Kaya

Cost of Living crisis

We know from new research that women are being hit harder by the cost of living crisis than men. So how do we cope?

Cost of Living crisis

Are you having financial difficulties with your daily living costs? Things are getting tighter everyday for most of us especially for people who earn at the bread line. But there is help and advice available if you are struggling.  We recently received a very useful pdf from the SCDA which summarised the different sources of help.

So, did you know that if you have a prep-payment meter with less than £4 on it and you’re not due for a payment for a while you can ask for a fuel voucher worth £49? Warmer Sussex can offer help to improve your home to make it more energy efficient and the Energy Saving Trust can give you advice on how to reduce energy at home.

You can get help with water bills if you’re in financial difficulty and the Extra Help Unit at the CAB can help people who are vulnerable or at risk of being disconnected. The CAB are a brilliant resource too with information about grants and benefits to pay your energy bills.

And for those who are struggling to pay for food, there’s good tips on how to reduce your food waste and thus cut your shopping bill and places where you can access community fridges, larders and pantries.

If you want to know more, or have a copy of the pdf, then get in touch.

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