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September 18, 2023 | Ilona Williams

Building self-confidence through action

Ilona writes from personal experience about how we can proactively boost our own self confidence.

Human personal development is not just knowledge, it is more than that. The knowledge we gain from reading books, watching inspiring lectures, and doing courses and workshops is only part of the human development process. This knowledge we explore through our sense of sight and hearing is only 4% of our capabilities. The rest 96% is our paradigms, behaviours and beliefs, and thoughts. These are the ones that influence whether we grow and succeed. Not the knowledge you read. Of course, we need this knowledge as much as possible and it’s worth exploring, but it’s not just about exploring it, it’s also about putting this knowledge into practice, through action.The knowledge I share with people today I acquired not only through reading, listening, and watching. It is the knowledge that I acquired through my own experience, through implementing this knowledge in my life. If I had given in to my fear then I would not be here today. You wouldn’t be reading this article because I wouldn’t have gone out to people with what I have to offer them. I know from my own experience what fear does to us.I know the fear that makes us not do something. I used to have it too. And I still have it today. But this fear doesn’t stop me and quickly disappears. Because when I do something despite the fear, it turns out that there was nothing to be afraid of. And with every such action, I am more confident, I believe in myself and that I can achieve my dreams. When I act and realize my ideas, when I go out to people with what makes me happy, with what I am passionate about, and at the same time I can help other people, it turns out that people needed it and they like what I create.Remember, you will never believe in yourself if you don’t take action. Even if you tell yourself today and others that you love yourself and believe in yourself, believe me, that this is not belief but your illusion. Because if you don’t act then you don’t believe you can do it. If you don’t apply for a job because you are afraid and have a hundred excuses why you don’t apply for it then you don’t believe.  And let me tell you, anything is possible. If you feel that you want to do something in life, then start doing something in that direction, do a course, write an e-mail, search for information, explore, or get advice from us. Go after what you want! Do something every day that will bring you closer to your dream.I today am where I wanted to be six months ago. What is happening in my life today was my goal from six months ago and now I have more goals and dreams, and I know they will come true. Because I am acting and waiting for nothing. I am currently writing a book every day because I believe that it will be published. I believe that one day I will hold this book in my hands. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t write it, because why would I write it if I didn’t believe anyone would want to read it? I write it with passion and it relaxes me, so that means I’m doing what is in line with me. I remember that as a child I wrote poems and a book, but then I stopped. I forgot that I could, I forgot that it made me happy. It seemed to me that I had no talents. But when I began to get to know myself anew, I discovered many wonderful talents.You have talents too, everyone has them. And everyone can discover them if you don’t see them yet. We are the ones who limit ourselves, I did it too and you do it too!Stop it, you deserve the best! You deserve a life full of joy and passion!

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