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March 26, 2024 | Abbie Sorrel-Fleet

How Volunteering Can Help Propel Your Career Forward

If you’ve recently found yourself at a standstill when it comes to job hunting, or you’ve noticed you have a few hours each week to spare, why not consider volunteering with a local charity.

At Wayfinder Woman, we understand the power of volunteering not only in changing the lives of others but also in shaping and advancing your own career.

Volunteering is more than just lending a helping hand; it’s about investing in yourself while making a positive impact on the lives of others. As women, we understand the challenges that often come with feeling anxious and uncertain about our future. That’s why Wayfinder Woman provides a safe and supportive environment where women can come together to build their self-confidence and skills.

How can Volunteering help your future career?

It helps to build confidence and skills:

Volunteering offers a wide range of opportunities to develop essential skills that are highly valued in the professional world. Whether it’s leadership, communication, project management, or teamwork, engaging in volunteer work will allow you to use these skills in a work environment.

It gets you out engaging in the community:

Volunteering offers to many benefits, but one of the main being that it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and begin engaging within your community.

Building meaningful connections with fellow volunteers and staff members can open doors to new opportunities and experiences.

It’s experience!

Experience can go a long way in today’s job market. Volunteering will provide you with a platform to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field or area of interest. Whether it’s through organising events, providing mentorship, or leading workshops, volunteers are able to showcase their talents and expertise. This real-world experience not only enhances your CV but also demonstrates your commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

We’re all about empowerment

At Wayfinder Woman, we believe that every woman has the potential to overcome barriers and achieve her goals. Through volunteering, you can develop your confidence and skills needed to navigate life’s challenges and pursue your dreams. By investing in yourself and your community, volunteers at Wayfinder Woman are not only empowering themselves but also creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond their immediate surroundings.

Explore Volunteering Opportunities with Wayfinder Woman

We offer a variety of volunteering opportunities tailored to fit the interests and skills of women from all walks of life. Whether you’re passionate about event planning, mentoring, fundraising, or advocacy, there’s a place for you at Wayfinder Woman.

Visit our volunteering opportunities page to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of women in your community.

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