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April 21, 2024 | Laura Murphy

Hailsham FM Radio Interview

Our founder Laura Murphy was interviewed on Hailsham FM

‘How do you get interviewees?’ someone said to Simon during the music break in the Hailsham FM Studio.  ‘I asked’, I replied.

I know plenty of people who’d rather jump off a cliff than be interviewed on local radio, or TV for that matter.  My advice?  Go for it.  The presenters want to get the best out of you, they’re not there to embarrass you.  And it’s OK to have ‘um’ and ‘er’ scattered throughout.  I heard that ‘um’ indicates you’re thinking about what to say, and ‘er’ that you’re thinking about how to say it.  I’ve done lots of interviews now and I’m stilling doing those ‘um’ sounds.  And that’s OK.

So, to hear my interview where I talk about  the work of WayfinderWoman, our Work and Wellbeing Day and annual fundraiser, Pier2Peer – as well as a few thoughts on discrimination and misogyny, put your feet up and listen.  There’s some fantastic music tracks too, selected by our volunteers.  Here’s the link.


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