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February 4, 2021 | Laura Murphy

Anger at rape case convictions

Why has there been a reduction in the number of rape cases taken to trial and is it all down to the Crown Prosecution Service?

We’ve seen in the news over the past few months anger and upset that the number of rape cases successfully being brought to trial have reduced.   The Crown Prosecution Service has been quoted as being the reason why; that they’ve made it harder for the police to take it to court.  But is that the reason?

And what about other cases of violence against women and young girls?  What about hate crime?  And how can women successfully navigate the justice system when it’s being impacted by covid?

We’re working with Sussex Police and CPS on putting together a seminar so you can know the background to how and why the number of rape cases brought to court have reduced.  We’ll also talk about other instances of violence against women and find out what hate crime really is.  We’ll have top people from the police and CPS there to explain the system, how you can ensure the best chance of being heard – and for you to challenge them about things that aren’t working.

To help us plan we need to hear from you.  What do you want to know?  What experiences have you had where things have gone wrong?  Please get in touch with us, in complete confidence, by emailing info@wayfinderwoman.com

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