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January 31, 2024 | Anneke Langford

Guest Trustee Blog – Anneke Langford

Anneke tells her story about becoming a Trustee for WayfinderWoman

At the beginning of this year, the WayfinderWoman family welcomed me as a Trustee.  WayfinderWoman, to me, is more than an organisation; it feels like a natural home, a sanctuary where I, as a woman navigating my own path each day, can find support and camaraderie. 

In pursuit of freedom, I left my native Belgium, leaving behind a stringent Flemish Catholic upbringing, all in the name of “learning English”.  At that time, leaving home for reasons other than marriage was unheard of.  The echoes of my Father’s stern warnings accompanied me to the UK, emphasizing his non-financial support and a stark reminder that returning home pregnant was not an option. Thus began my wayfinding journey. 

Starting as a Housekeeper, I slept in a hotel basement room shared with five other girls. Through numerous professional transformations and the gradual mastery of the English language, I eventually concluded my paid career as a Barristers Chambers Director.  Tears were shed, and continue to be, but for every person bringing tears, others offer love and opportunities. 

At WayfinderWoman, we derive strength from each other. We are a community that offers love and creates opportunities. As 2024 unfolds, we have a rich array of courses and events lined up, a testament to our collective commitment to empowerment, happiness, and the joy of shared experiences!

Best wishes, 

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