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May 12, 2023 | Laura Murphy

The Big Help Out

Did you 'help out' for the Big Help Out? We did and had enormous fun on the way. Read on to discover what we did on the day and what it meant to us and to the charity.

This week was the launch of the Big Help Out. It’s the King’s initiative to encourage volunteering, decimated as it has been by Covid and now the cost of living crisis. Many thought it was just for the one day, the Bank Holiday Monday but in reality it was the kickstarter for what he hopes will be a reminder to people of the personal joy and public benefit that volunteering can bring.

And on the Monday we had enormous joy, gathering together, all volunteers, to put together our costumes for Eastbourne Carnival at the end of May. With the theme of Sussex by the Sea we’ve had hysterical conversations about our costumes, and inventive pieces of craftwork to construct them.  I’ve learnt things about paint and bubblewrap that you wouldn’t believe!  The carnival is a community event, welcomed by everyone in Eastbourne and, as well as having great fun on the day, a small portion of the bucket collection on the route comes to the charities who take part.  It’s not enormous but as with all small charities, every penny helps.

Like so many others we are dependent on our volunteers. For us it’s about supporting each other and enjoying ourselves at the same time. We’ve built friendships, our confidence, opened new horizons, been enthralled by the talent that’s been uncovered. And all the time, this mutual support community, the sisterhood, has been building an environment where other women, those who aren’t ready to step forward, can have the support to do that. To step forward and step up into their new lives.

So when you’re wondering what to do with your time, what to join to have fun then think about us. We have a wealth of volunteering opportunities that can fit around you and your commitments. And it extends beyond that – to friendship.

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