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April 11, 2020 | Tania Long

Living in lock down

Our guest blog this week comes from Tania Long, one of our volunteers who also runs FantaSea Art with a Heart As someone with an underlying medical condition she started to self-isolate before the country went into lock-down.  Here’s how she’s been occupying her time and you might find inspiration from her story.


Hi! I’ve been having to self-isolate since March 23rd before the lock down. I’m one of those at home for 12 weeks (due to asthma.)

I go for a daily walk round the back lanes and quiet streets. Taking photos some days, little details, flowers, textures I’ve spotted. I’m really getting to know the local streets well now and spotting some amazing houses on my solitary walks.


Some days I have been doing ‘frottage’ art on wood grains I come across and started working into those with black ink.  It’s amazing what images have started appearing! It’s become a new project for a story book as more characters appear.











Also, I’ve been having fun making a fishing game out of dry paper mâché and got back into my Woodland Folk project; one of many creative projects that had been put on the back burner due to business with other things.




Structure is important

I find it helps to have some kind of structure to the day.

I journal in the morning (after all it’s an historical event!) Feed Luna (my black fluffy cat). Have breakfast.  Do some chores or online work. Or work on creative projects till lunch which is usually a sandwich. After that I will go for a daily walk;20 minutes to an hour.  I take my boots off in the hall as soon as I get in, and coat and hat and gloves if I’ve needed them, wash my hands (of course!) Then I have a 30 minute rest and drink. Do more creative work, or some reading or writing.

I’m trying to limit social media as it’s so negative. I have chill out time in the evening with dvd films or music, and some catch up on Facebook if I haven’t been online the day before. I’m continuing to do and to facilitate WayfinderWoman’s Creative Joy & Artists Way course virtually, sending out task sheets and encouragement on a Friday evening. We are on week 5 at the moment, ‘Recovering a Sense of Possibility’.

The highs and lows

The things I miss most? Meeting friends for a chat in a cafe, hugs, human company, being able to buy my own food shopping, visiting the beach.

ALSO! There are blessings in this time. Enjoy this time. A time to slow down and reflect on your life.

The air is so much cleaner. It’s quieter.  Listen to the birds they are loving it! The Earth is healing. The ozone layer is healing.

The new future

Let’s not go back to ‘normal’ when this is over but come out of it with a new perspective of what is really valuable in our lives and a new sense of community.

I feel that the Earth has sent us this virus, because WE as humans have been acting as a virus on the Earth, it’s a message for us to STOP mindlessly consuming the planet.

Wishing everyone well, stay safe.  Tania

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