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March 12, 2020 | Beth Neal

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The following article was written by one of our WayfinderWoman volunteers, Beth Neale. Beth is writing a regular business column for the Eastbourne Voice.

Do you think we do enough to prepare girls for life in the workplace? This is the question we ask as April 23rd marks the annual international ‘Bring our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ which is very popular in the United States. Here in the UK it’s only celebrated by a handful of organisations, but bringing daughters to work used to be common practice. Talking to the WayfinderWoman team, many felt this was an important part of their childhood. They were able to experience the real world of work at an early age, which made for an easier transition into their first jobs.

But I do wonder if bringing your daughter to work days are the best way to immerse girls into the workplace? Surely it would be better for them to try a variety of workplaces and jobs, regardless of what their parents might do? This way they can start to figure out options for further education and beyond, without any gender, or class barriers. As women are still fighting for equality in many sectors, programs that can introduce girls to new opportunities are vital.

One such initiative is ‘The Tech She Can Charter’ which is focused on inspiring and educating girls about occupations in the Tech world. In the research they conducted they found that boys were twice as likely to be suggested a career in technology than girls. They are working on changing this now and creating a lasting increase in girls and women entering the field of technology. This is so important, as the field of technology is constantly growing and evolving, this prepares the girls of today for the jobs of the future.

Here at WayfinderWoman we are passionate about helping women to excel in whatever job they want to pursue. That’s why we have a workshop on how to build your CV, and improve your Interview Skills on the 2nd May, so that you can ace that job application!

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