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July 10, 2020 | Laura Murphy

Magnificent 7 Challenge 2020

Over seven days, seven women walked around Princes Park Lake in Eastbourne, seven times – the equivalent of a marathon – with a different theme each day.  It was all to raise funds to get Women in Lockdown: stories by and about women during Covid-19 published so the 90+ women who sent in their stories can have a copy for future generations.  The aim was to improve women’s mental health and reconnect them with the community.

Day 1: 7 wonders of the world

Day 2: 7 chakras

Day 3: 7 seas

Day 4: 7 best jokes

Day 5: 7 Miss Scarlets from Cluedo

Day 6: WayfinderWoman Rugby 7s

Day 7: Our favourite 7 places in Eastbourne.


Magnificent 7 preparation

The Magnificent Bill designed and built all of the hats from cornflake boxes ready for Day 1 and then designed and drew all of the artwork we used for each day.  See more of his wonderful work and the fun the volunteers had during the Challenge.

You tube links for all 7 days.

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