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Women in Lockdown: stories by and about women during Covid-19

‘I’m caged – for my own good. The wonderful, once hard-done-by but now sainted NHS have better things to do than be cluttered up with oldies. Now, at the end of our lives, fit, active, mentally alert, we’re caged like zoo tigers – but no-one comes to look. No one asks for £2 a month to set us free. Pigeon holed as ‘vulnerable’, we’re ‘shielded’ – we’re lonely, frightened that this is our forever.’

 ‘So hateful Covid 19 – You are a mean and savage beast – but I think you have actually helped me survive and make decisions I may never have made, and I do feel a stronger woman for it.’

This beautiful and by turns, poignant, powerful, sad and amusing book is the culmination of an unexpected and topsy turvy 18-month journey into, through and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the globe.  To support the women who were feeling increasingly isolated, anxious and unheard, we asked for their stories so they could record their feelings, give them a purpose and focus and be reconnected with the world. As a result over 100 stories and images were received.

On a journey through the glorious creativity that was generated by these incredible women you will discover diary entries, essays, poems, artwork, each reflecting how the first lockdown was experienced.  From a young woman taught by her grandfather how to knit socks to a grandmother writing to her new, and as yet unseen grandchild.  From front-line workers to those who were on furlough, from struggling business owners to the retired, the lives of how ordinary women coped with the first lockdown are compellingly revealed.  We know by reading this book you will find something that sits forever in your heart and by doing so, ensure that these women will never be forgotten.

“I have just dipped into my copy of Women in Lockdown.  It made me cry and feel so, so proud, of what [she] has, and still is achieving.  I am guessing a few more tears may be shed as I read what others have contributed too.”  
“I took the opportunity to go through the book and read a few stories on the train, some of those I read (Mai and a grieving mother) were truly moving.”


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