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November 24, 2020 | Marianna Forrro

A poem of resilience

Coach Marianna Forro finds ways to build her resilience and release the tensions inside. How does she do it? Inspired by the whispering women in her life she writes poetry. How do you build your resilience?

Putting my thoughts and emotions into words in an artsy way helps me release the tension inside. Reading my thoughts and emotions on paper helps me remove myself from their grip so I am no longer entangled. When an idea comes, which can be any time, seemingly outside my control, I take a piece of paper and just start writing. Like opening a faucet, the words are just pouring out in a few minutes, not more than half an hour. Anything can be a poem really:
If you break a sentence
into four lines
you have just created a poem
in no time

Here are two poems I wrote that may inspire some women.

When women whisper

Shut up!
Who asked you?!
….. and I silently whimper
….. and swallow my tears.

Suck it up!
Stop crying or I will give you a reason to cry!
….. and a stone mask settles on my face.

Adopted fathers
Bus drivers
…. all tell me to shut up
……and I listen …… so as to belong.

But the whisper stays
Patiently waits
Hoping to claim
Its rightful place
One day.

I run in circles
I stop on my track
I panic
I can’t breathe
Who am I?

Then a coach comes along
Compassionate, wise
Asks a simple question
…. And my whisper comes to life.

At first I just babble and stammer
and speechlessly shout
The power of my whisper
is coming …… becoming loud.

“What else?” The life coach asks
And waits in deafening silence
While I find my path to my heart
…… to my passion

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